Our Delight In Him

In Psalm 37:4, we are told “Delight yourself in The Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

As a good father longs to bless his children, so it is with God. When it comes to Him, there are many with the misconception that The Lord is concerned only with our basic needs and has no regard for our aspirations. Yet they fail to realize that it is He who placed those same dreams in our hearts which He yearns to fulfill. All that He requires is an intimacy with Him. When we truly align ourselves with God, the desires of our heart coincide with His Word. As we focus on The Lord, and discover our joy in Him, He alone can open doors and present opportunities to us which the world deems as impossible.

I was married for the first time at 48, and prior to that, there were many who told me that to find a husband at that age was a daunting task, even for God. I disregarded their comments and instead sought Him with a fervency…not for His Hand, but rather His Heart. In essence, I delighted myself in Him and in the midst of that all, He blessed me with a man who walks in His ways.

One Response to “Our Delight In Him”

  1. Joann Ianniello Says:

    Wonderful to read this inspiring message from a dear friend. Blessings for the day and thanks for sharing your Faith with us.

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