God – My Deliverer

Before I became a Christian and in the early days of my commitment to Christ, I was under the impression that those who followed God were designed to live a life that was devoid of any type of troublesome challenge. I quickly discovered that my thoughts on the subject were erroneous at best as tribulation presented itself in various forms soon thereafter. In one particular and yet significant instance, I was sued by an individual for $30 million dollars. My human instinct took over and I initially panicked. And yet in the midst of that turmoil, I heard the Lord say “Did I not lead My people out of Egypt?” At that moment, I choose to rest in Him as I knew that He had already settled the issue on my behalf. My ability to forgive also played a factor for two months later, I encountered the plaintiff near my work place. As he began to explain his reasons for the suit, I simply replied that I had forgiven him for his actions which truly I had. God’s peace flooded my being and one year later, the matter was dismissed.

Psalm 138:7 states”Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve me against the wrath of my enemies; you stretch out Your hand and Your right hand delivers me.” Despite the circumstances that I’ve encountered, I have seen the truth of that scripture manifest itself repeatedly and without fail. Without question, He is my deliverer.

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