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Joyous Catholic

October 20, 2013

When I left the Catholic Church in February 1995, I had no inclination to return – from all that I had observed, former Catholics remained just that – former Catholics. I knew that I needed to grow in the Word and not long thereafter I started to attend a non-denominational church in Rockland County followed by one in New Jersey.

From April 1998 to June 2008, I was a member of what is referred to as a mega-church here in New York City. Though my husband and I were both on volunteer staff, I began to feel a distinct uneasiness. For years I had heard from evangelicals as to how there was no spiritual accountability in Catholicism and that people were essentially free to do as they pleased. However, in this particular atmosphere, as well as others, I was forced to observe how many of its’ congregants lived lives in direct contrast to God’s Word. The sanctuary was devoid of God’s presence and many individuals knew little about the risen Savior. It was then that I began to long for the holiness, order, and adherence to the Word of God, all of which are rudiments of our Catholic faith.

In 2008, The Lord began to deal with me about a return to Catholicism. Rather than immediate obedience, I instead shared this with friends and then concluded, based on their comments, that I had not heard Him. But The Lord is so gracious for He continued to speak to my spirit until finally, in September 2011, I could no longer deny His will for my life. My homecoming was joyous and I knew that my steps were ordered by a loving God.